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AboutEpcot.com is an unoffical guide to Epcot, Walt Disney World, operated by DoingFlorida. DoingFlorida is based in the UK, and provides information to help with planning holidays in and around the Walt Disney World Resort in central Florida (contact DoingFlorida here). We focus on the major theme parks within Walt Disney world- Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom - and also the water parks and other attractions that make this such a popular holiday destination.

The DoingFlorida websites (DoingFlorida.com) were originally launched to provide daily news stories from the theme parks and as a place for UK fans of the central Florida attractions to meet and swap stories, memories, information and tips.

The sites now have visitors from around the world checking up on our daily news from the Florida theme parks and attractions.

On a practical level, we hope that the information and news that we provide will help with planning a fantastic Florida holiday. On a less practical level, we hope that our forums provide a great way to keep up-to-date and a place to chat/discuss with other Florida addicts during those nightmare periods between holidays when real life can sometimes start to take over!

We are always very grateful for feedback and contributions from members and visitors to the site - if you have any suggestions for items to include please contact us. All mails are read and wherever possible will receive a reply within 24 hours - usually much more quickly - but please bear with us during the busiest times.

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