Things to see and do at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Originally opened as 'Disney MGM Studios' this is the smallest of Disney's Florida theme parks, and is a great place for all ages as it doesn't just have lots of big thrill rides. With it's more compact layout, it's very quick to get into the park once you've arrived in the car park and very quickly you are straight into the action.

The two big rides here are Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, each one an amazing experience. When you arrive you are best heading to these two attractions first and riding one, and getting a fast pass for the other. There is lots to do for the younger visitors here as there is a Playhouse Disney show, Beauty and the Beast Show, Voyage of the Little Mermaid and Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. These are all live shows and of a very high standard.

You can also go on The Great Movie Ride or see the Muppets which is a great 3-D movie. For Star Wars fans there is a simulator ride which seems a little dated now but still worth a try. If you enjoy live stunt shows you will love Lights! Motors! Action! which has real cars driving around a set performing real stunts!!! Even if you are not into cars you will enjoy the show. There are long queues so arrive early.

As you walk around there seems to be lots of dining experiences from the counter service meals to table service. There are also character actors appearing all the time with amusing little shows which include members of the public. At night there is the brilliant Fantasmic Show with fireworks and special effects. It's a fantastic show and although you have to be there early the best part is you get to sit down to see the show!

It may not be the biggest park but it has many varied attractions which makes a great Disney day.

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