Things to see and do at Disney's Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was opened on October 1st 1971, with both the attractions and layout based on the original Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. For many people this IS Walt Disney World, and there is no doubt that during almost 40 years of operation it has certainly stood the test of time.

The Magic Kingdom attracts more visitors than any other theme park on the planet. Walt Disney's original vision was of a place to take the family, where everyone could have fun - young and old alike. The Magic Kingdom delivers on this promise better than any other part of Walt Disney World.

There are seven separate areas within the Park:

• Main Street USA
• Adventureland
• Liberty Square
• Frontierland
• Fantasyland
• Mickey's Toontown Fair
• Tomorrowland

Each area of the park is themed, and as a result each has its own distinct 'feel'. It's impossible to do the park justice in one single visit due to its sheer size and the diversity of the attractions.

On entering the park you will first walk down Main Street USA with the striking Cinderella Castle standing right at the end. When you reach the large circular area in front of the castle you are standing in the central 'hub' of the park, and the five areas all strike out from this point.

Even the process of arriving at the Magic Kingdom is an experience in itself. After parking up at the Ticket and Transportation Center, you have the choice of a monorail or ferryboat ride to the entrance to the park. Whichever you choose, psychologically you feel as though you are being taken somewhere special, which of course you are.

By the time you are walking into the park, the real world seems a long way away.

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