Things to see and do at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld may not be as well known as the Disney theme parks, but for many people it is just as special. The home of Shamu the killer whale and countless other talented animals, it guarantees a fun day out, which all the family can enjoy.

There are many SeaWorld theme parks around America, and the one situated in Orlando is one of the most well- known. In the park, you can see shows which reveal just how amazing the animals around us can be, including the shamu show 'Believe'. Many guests who visit SeaWorld find feeding the animals an extremely enjoyable experience. Whether you want to feed a stingray or stroke a dolphin, SeaWorld offers you a once in a lifetime chance of being close to them.

'Believe' is the latest show to open in SeaWorld, and involves some of SeaWorld's eight whales and a selection of trainers. The show is an emotional and thrilling experience, showing the journey of the whales and trainers and ultimately gives out the message that if you believe, you can so anything that you want to do. Other shows in SeaWorld include Odyssea, Blue Horizons and Pets Ahoy! These shows include dramatic music, acrobatics and humorous stunts performed by adopted animals.

Of course there are not just shows at SeaWorld. There are also three main rides for the family to enjoy. These are Kracken, Journey to Atlantis and Wild Arctic. Kracken is a recent addition to the park. The first floorless rollercoaster in Florida when it launched, it is sure to scare you! Elements within this coaster include a loop, dive loop, zero-G roll, cobra roll, a second loop, and a corkscrew. So as you can see, this ride is not for the faint hearted. Some people's highlight of their visit to SeaWorld has to be Budweiser tent. Relaxing form the heat while drinking a free glass of a range of beers can be extremely relaxing and is a perfect place to just watch the world go by.

SeaWorld is definitely worth a visit, and can be extra special on those boiling hot days that Florida is famous for. There are plenty of places to eat and drink and a good supply of air conditioning!!! If you are looking for a more relaxing but still enjoyable day out, then SeaWorld is the place to go.

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